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Tyneham and Worbarrow

A popular walk along the Purbeck coast, here seen on a late afternoon (15:00 start) in September. The walk itself starts above the Army ranges on Creech Hill (SY 904 818) then follows the ridge westwards to Flower's Barrow (SY 865 804). From Flower's Barrow the route then drops southwards to sea-level into Worbarrow Bay (SY 871 798). Following the road eastwards and inland up the valley, the next stop is at the deserted village of Tyneham. The route then ascends onto the coastal cliff up to Tyneham Cap (SY 893 796) and continues eastwards along the ridge to above Kimmeridge Bay (SY 908 802) before finally turning back northwards to the start point.

Tyneham was evacuated in 1943, when the Army took over this area for its training, they still practice there now. Most of the village is derelict, only the church and the old school (which now is open as an exhibition centre) are still fully intact. Access to this part of the coast (Lulworth–Kimmeridge) is restricted, the walks are however normally open during school holidays and most weekends of the year, for the rest of the year it is strictly off-limits (see below for links to sites giving access dates).

003-01 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-02 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-03 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-04 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-05 Tyneham and Worbarrow
003-06 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-07 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-08 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-09 Tyneham and Worbarrow 003-10 Tyneham and Worbarrow
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In the top row of pictures:

  • The view eastwards along Creech Hill (picture)
  • Information point on Povington Hill, looking south-eastwards towards Kimmeridge (picture)
  • View northwards from Whiteway Hill, MOD Ranges and tank training area below, Wareham forest beyond (picture)
  • The view down onto Worbarrow Bay from Flower's Barrow (picture)
  • Gad Cliff and the view eastwards from atop Worbarrow Tout (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • At the present day entrance to Tyneham village (picture)
  • Former entrance to the Rectory, Tyneham (picture)
  • View from Gad Cliff eastwards, Brandy Bay in the foreground, Kimmeridge beyond (picture)
  • Kimmeridge Bay seen from the top of Tyneham Cap, St Aldhelm's Head in the far distance (picture)
  • Sunset across the Tyneham valley (picture)

Nearby locations that also feature in galleries on this site:

directionKimmeridge Bay, Chapman's Pool, Corfe Castle

directionLulworth Cove

More views of Dorset in September

Other sites on the web

If you intend to walk along the coast between Lulworth Cove and Kimmeridge then check the Defence Estates web page first for details regarding access to this part of the coast.

Bovington Tank Museum:   find out more about the history of the tank and other armoured fighting vehicles

The coastline shown here forms part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

West's Geology Field Guide to the Lulworth and Worbarrow area

The Dorset Page:   Tyneham, Worbarrow, Kimmeridge – local information and links to further resources on the web

Maps of the area on streetmap.co.uk:   1:50,000 – detail, 1:250,000 – locality and route to get there

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