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This small town was once at the heart of the Royal Forest of Gillingham. Records show that King John (1199–1216) and Henry III (1216–1272) both spent considerable sums on a Royal residence built just to the east of the current settlement. The residence was demolished shortly after the death of Queen Philippa – wife of Edward III – in 1369.

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The arrival of the railway in 1859 promoted rapid expansion of what was then only a small village, the new station serving also the very much larger town of Shaftesbury – which is some 6km away – situated on a nearby hill-top. In recent years the railway has again encouraged expansion; Gillingham being just 2 hours travel from London. The town (in 2002) has the accolade of being ' the fastest growing small town in Europe.' The views displayed here show the town and surrounding area on a fine autumnal day at the start of September. The older buildings in the town, covering a wide range of dates and styles, are predominantly constructed from local limestone and locally made brick (which has vibrant red colour in this part of the county).


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In the top row of pictures:

  • Approaching from the west, Wyke (and the brewery) on the skyline (picture)
  • View down Wyke road to Wyke Brewery (mid-19th century) (picture)
  • Gillingham High Street ... (picture)
  • ... which still boasts a traditional ironmongers (picture)
  • The Square, church of St Mary beyond (14th century chancel, with 19th and 20th century additions) (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Just off The Square – the old town lockup (in use c.1750–1880) (picture)
  • An example of the vibrant red of the locally made brick – detached house on Station Road (picture)
  • An older example of the use of brick – a granary (probably early 19th century) supported on staddle-stones, Wyke Farmhouse (picture)
  • The surrounding landscape is predominantly rural – seen here to the north of the town near Savage Cat Farm, looking northwards towards Wiltshire (picture)
  • Just over 1km eastwards from The Square, slight ditches and mounds are all that remain of the Royal residence (picture)

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