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The Caundles

Perched on hillocks of soft yellowish limestone the three villages Purse Caundle, Stourton Caundle and Bishop's Caundle are small and old (many of the buildings still standing date from the 17th and 18th centuries). The character of the landscape in this part of Dorset is undulating and small-scale – small villages, small valleys, small streams and small hills.

031-01 The Caundles 031-02 The Caundles 031-03 The Caundles 031-04 The Caundles 031-05 The Caundles
031-06 The Caundles 031-07 The Caundles 031-08 The Caundles 031-09 The Caundles 031-10 The Caundles
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Seen here on a misty day in March – the soft afternoon light adding a further intimacy to the scenery – the photographs follow a north-to-south saunter through this quiet part of Dorset.


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In the top row of pictures:

  • Approaching Purse Caundle from Stalbridge, mature well-spaced trees dot the estate landscape (picture)
  • Purse Caundle, church of St Peter, tower is 15th century (picture)
  • One of the larger cottages in Purse Caundle, late 17th century, built from the local limestone (picture)
  • The view back to Purse Caundle from the road leading south (picture)
  • Stourton Caundle, in the centre of the village looking northwards along village street (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Stourton Caundle, the Congregational Chapel, built 1859 (picture)
  • The view back to Stourton Caundle from a farm track leading south, tower (early 14th century) of the church of St Peter in the distance (picture)
  • Bishop's Caundle, Manor Farmhouse, late 18th century with possibly an earlier core. Granary to the left probably 18th century (picture)
  • Bishop's Caundle, by the church of St Peter and St Paul, looking eastwards along Caundle Street (picture)
  • Bishop's Caundle, church of St Peter and St Paul, chancel c.1300, tower 15th century (picture)

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directionSherborne, Yetminster

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