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Moreton and Wool

A small collection of houses on the south bank of the River Frome, made famous by becoming the last resting place of T.E. Lawrence – 'Lawrence of Arabia' – who lived nearby at Cloud's Hill (SY823909). Opposite the graveyard is Moreton House, parts of which date from the mid-18th century. Moreton House is just one of several large houses to be found along this valley.

085-01 Moreton and Wool 085-02 Moreton and Wool 085-03 Moreton and Wool 085-04 Moreton and Wool 085-05 Moreton and Wool
085-06 Moreton and Wool 085-07 Moreton and Wool 085-08 Moreton and Wool 085-09 Moreton and Wool 085-10 Moreton and Wool
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4.5km down river is Wool, once a small village, it has grown significantly over recent decades as a consequence of large military and research establishments being situated nearby. Woolbridge is 16th century, with the nearby manor dating from the 16–18th centuries, and is the setting where Hardy's fictional character Tess spent her honeymoon.


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  • Wool Bridge, 16th century (picture)
  • Thatched cottages, Wool (picture)
  • Chuch of the Holy Rood, Wool (picture)
  • Cottages beside the stream running through the old village, Wool (picture)
  • The River Frome, downstream of Wool (picture)

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