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Bere Regis

Originally located on the main road linking east and west Dorset, now bypassed, Bere Regis sits on gently undulating hills at the boundary between chalk downlands to the north and sandy heathlands to the south. The focus of the village is the Church of St John the Baptist, probably one of the most visited churches in Dorset thanks to its magnificent timber roof c.1475. The main street is mostly post 1788, Bere Regis being also a victim of one of the fires that plagued Dorset villages sporadically during the 18th century (Blandford 1731, Wareham 1762, etc.)

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The pictures show the village and surrounding area on a fine mid-May day and were taken during a short (7km) circular walk that first sets off southwards past the watercress beds in the valley bottom – the streams running off the chalk being particularly clean and sediment free – across the sandy heathland on Black Hill and over into the Piddle Valley. Briantspuddle (SY 818 932) is typical of the settlements in the Piddle valley, small with modest sized dwellings. The route then turns northwards onto Kite Hill (SY 821 945) from where there are excellent views to the west and north, before returning the short distance to Bere Regis.


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In the top row of pictures:

  • Bere Regis viewed from the east, descending Woodbury Hill (SY 855 947) (picture)
  • Church of St John the Baptist, Bere Regis, timber roof c.1475, 'finest in Dorset' – Pevsner (picture)
  • Eastern end of the main street, Bere Regis (picture)
  • Looking along the main street, Bere Regis (picture)
  • One of the many fine cottages in Shitterton, western end of the village (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Watercress beds on the Bere stream (picture)
  • The Piddle Valley from Black Hill (SY 836 938) (picture)
  • Briantspuddle (picture)
  • Briantspuddle (picture)
  • View north-westwards from Kite Hill (SY 821 945) towards Milborne St Andrew (picture)

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