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A mid-May tour around the many small hillocks and valleys to the north-east of Bridport. The geology of the area – with hard Greensands capping much softer rocks beneath – has resulted in deeply incised valleys that weave and snake their way almost at random! Not the easiest of areas to cycle around, good brakes are essential, excellent views of the scenery at many places throughout the area make the effort worthwhile though.

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In the top row of pictures:

  • North Poorton (picture)
  • Looking across the fields towards South Poorton from North Poorton church (picture)
  • Bluebells lining the lanes north of Hooke Park (picture)
  • Approaching Mapperton, Marsh Farm (picture)
  • Near Loscombe, Pen Well Hill and Charity Farm (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • The view at West Milton up-valley towards Powerstock, Eggardon Hill (247m) in the distance (picture)
  • Powerstock (picture)
  • Powerstock (picture)
  • Powerstock (picture)
  • Church of St Mary, Powerstock (picture)

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