July 2002

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  • Stooks of wheat dry in one of the – all too few – spells of sunshine experienced this month
  • But even on overcast days it is still possible to have fun – fishing for blennies and crabs along the coast
  • Or exploring inland, this giant Ammonite was created by the Dorset Pottery Group to celebrate the Second Millenium, now on display at Bridport Arts Centre
  • Late summer evenings would not be complete without the sound of resounding 'thwacks' coming from village games of cricket, savoured here at Colehill
  • The high altitude of the sun and late evenings at this time of year combine to shed a rare ray of sunlight onto the north-facing façade of the Bastard brothers' house in Blandford, built in 1732, and standing opposite the 1760 memorial to the fire that razed Blandford to the ground
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The pictures of Dorset in July in this gallery were captured at high resolution.
All photographs copyright © 1998–2003 John Allen