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An early May visit to the north-west corner of the county. The soft light breaking through as the morning cloud disperses, enhancing the golden yellow of the local limestone used for buildings throughout the area. Yetminster has a fine collection of buildings from the 16th and 17th century. Neighbouring Ryme Intrinseca has buildings of a similar age, but is also of note for a 1928 semi-detached building designed along the principals used by Lt. Colonel Nissen in the construction of First World War Nissen huts.

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In the top row of pictures:

  • Melbury Bubb (picture)
  • Village stores and Post Office, Chetnole (picture)
  • Upbury Farm, former home of Benjamin Jesty, 1736–1816, farmer and pioneer vaccinator against smallpox (picture)
  • Village stores, date of 1607 carved in stone above doorway (picture)
  • Main street through Yetminster (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Boyle's School, building dates from 1697 and was a school between 1711–1945, endowed by Robert Boyle F.R.S. 1627–1691, 'for 20 poor boys of Yetminster, Leigh and Chetnole' (picture)
  • Looking back along the High street, Yetminster (picture)
  • Ryme Intrinseca, neighbouring small hamlet, Grade II listed building built in 1928 – design based on the principals used in the construction of First World War Nissen huts (picture)
  • The view at Thornford southwards back down the railway line towards Yetminster (picture)
  • Looking southwards from Knighton Hill (picture)

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