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Plush and Dorsetshire Gap

A small collection of houses set amongst chalk downs in an area dotted with evidence of habitation from medieval, Iron Age and Neolithic times. Field systems (terracing, banks of enclosures) cross dykes, tumuli and sites of settlements can be found on almost every hill in this area. The downs here reach a height of 260m above sea level; from the highest points one can see Exmoor to the west, the Mendip hills to the north, the Isle of Wight to the east and the ridges above Weymouth in the south. These extensive views in all directions across the whole county probably prompted the name Dorsetshire Gap being given to this crossing of ancient paths.

097-01 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-02 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-03 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-04 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-05 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap
097-06 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-07 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-08 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-09 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap 097-10 Plush and Dorsetshire Gap
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In the top row of pictures:

  • Ascending Ball Hill (ST 725 033) north of Plush (picture)
  • The view northwards from Ball Hill across the Blackmore Vale (picture)
  • Ancient field systems on the southern slopes of Ball Hill (picture)
  • Plush viewed from Plush Hill (picture)
  • Road junction in Plush (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Plush cottages (picture)
  • Plush cottages and Inn (picture)
  • The view south-eastwards from Lyscombe Hill (ST 730 024) (picture)
  • Nordon Hill (ST 752 029), looking towards Melcombe Bingham (picture)
  • Dorsetshire Gap (ST 743 032) (picture)

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