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Green-winged Orchid (Orchis morio)

Appears on meadows and road-side verges throughout the county during May. Once common it is now far less widespread; although not as endangered as the Early Spider Orchid it – like all wild plants – should be left undisturbed if found.

Identification is by its purple to pink colour (which can vary in intensity from plant to plant) and the distinctive green striped veining in the two sepals at the top of the flower. Most likely to be confused with the Early Purple Orchid due to similar flower colouring. The flowers of the Early Purple do not have the veining and the flower stem is generally longer and taller in comparison (whereas the Green-winged Orchid can appear 'stunted'), the leaves of the Early Purple are usually covered with large irregular dark spots or blotches whereas the leaves of the Green-winged have none.

044-01 Green-winged Orchid 044-02 Green-winged Orchid 044-03 Green-winged Orchid 044-04 Green-winged Orchid 044-05 Green-winged Orchid

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