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Southern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis ssp. praetermissa)

Marsh orchids are widespread and locally abundant in Dorset. They are also a difficult species to identify with certainty due to the ease with which hybrids form with other members of the Dactylorchid group and the great variability of colour and markings within any one type. Generally a tall, strong stem with broad, unspotted grey-green leaves, growing on marshland or wetland.

A variety of the sub-species, known as the Leopard Marsh Orchid (ssp. praetermissa var. junialis) can be found at a few sites in Dorset, distinguished by its heavily ring-spotted leaves.

052-01 Southern Marsh Orchid 052-02 Southern Marsh Orchid 052-03 Southern Marsh Orchid 052-04 Southern Marsh Orchid 052-05 Southern Marsh Orchid
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