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Large White Helleborine (Cephalanthera damasonium)

Probably the commonest of the Helleborines in this country, although confined to south-east and central southern England. It is to be found at a few sites in the eastern part of the county, usually in association with beech trees. Its pale cream-green flowers and light green foliage can make it difficult to spot amongst new grass and vegetation, only when occurring as a solitary plant on a bed of fallen beech leaves does it stand out prominently. It is self-pollinating and may take up to 10 years before producing its first flowers. Like all wild plants, it should be left undisturbed if found.

046-01 Large White Helleborine 046-02 Large White Helleborine 046-03 Large White Helleborine 046-04 Large White Helleborine 046-05 Large White Helleborine

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