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Winterborne Stickland

Winterborne Stickland (ST 835 045) and Winterborne Houghton (ST 820 045) lie nestling in the valley bottom between rolling chalk hills at the head of the Winterborne Valley. The name of the valley derives from the fact that under summer conditions there is usually barely a trickle of water flowing down valley, the river – or 'bourne' – normally only appearing during the wet winter months, a feature characteristic of the chalk downland areas.

Summer and Autumn 2000 were very much wetter than usual – leading to widespread flooding throughout the whole country. This gallery – taken in early December, a few days after the water had started to subside after yet another period of flooding in the valley – gives a flavour of how many of the villages and towns across the county were affected during this period.

071-01 Winterborne Stickland 071-02 Winterborne Stickland 071-03 Winterborne Stickland 071-04 Winterborne Stickland 071-05 Winterborne Stickland
071-06 Winterborne Stickland 071-07 Winterborne Stickland 071-08 Winterborne Stickland 071-09 Winterborne Stickland 071-10 Winterborne Stickland
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In the top row of pictures:

  • Winterborne Stickland, stream running along the gutter at the roadside (picture)
  • The centre of the village was badly affected by floods (picture)
  • Makeshift defences against the floodwater, sandbags and polythene (picture)
  • Even small mill-streams were full (picture)
  • Winterborne Houghton – its bourne too full for the banks (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Cleaning up after the flooding (picture)
  • The bourne, looking controlled (picture)
  • Winterborne Houghton (picture)
  • A cottage garden, damp and verdant in these conditions (picture)
  • Looking down the normally dry valley to Winterborne Houghton (picture)

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