December 2004

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  • This recognisable piece of tree trunk in cross-section is some 110–130 million years old, its sap now converted into glistening iron pyrites, the wood into brown coal (Lignite). Pieces of lignite can be found all along the shore in Swanage Bay, appearing from out of the rapidly eroding Wealden beds. (The coin is 25mm in diameter)
  • A cheerful sight in the winter months, a robin (Erithacus rubecula) searching for small insects amongst the boulders of the disused quarry at Winspit.
  • Ancient trees silhouetted by the setting sun, Stour valley
  • The coastguard helicopter 'Whisky Bravo' returning to base through the late afternoon haze off Chapmans Pool
  • Often overlooked; the UK is home for a scientifically important number of lichens, a couple of examples shown here from Arne
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The pictures of Dorset in December in this gallery were captured at high resolution.
All photographs copyright © 1998–2004 John Allen