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A small village in the Stour valley, approximately mid-way between Wimborne and Blandford Forum. Farming dominates this area and settlements tend to be small and spread out. The village lies on the Kingston Lacy Estate (note the uniform colour of the paint used for all door and window frames in the village – as used on all other buildings on the estate) and consequently has been able to resist the pressure for expansion in recent years, unlike Sturminster Marshall just a few miles down river.

The pictures shown here were taken over a couple of bright and relatively clear days early in September, with the shadows already taking on the depth more usually associated with winter.

036-01 Shapwick 036-02 Shapwick 036-03 Shapwick 036-04 Shapwick 036-05 Shapwick
036-06 Shapwick 036-07 Shapwick 036-08 Shapwick 036-09 Shapwick 036-10 Shapwick
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In the top row of pictures:

  • White Mill bridge, probably 16th century, providing a crossing over the River Stour at the southern edge of the parish (picture)
  • White Mill, mid-18th century, water-powered corn mill (picture)
  • Crossroads at the heart of the village, remains of village cross, village pub beyond (picture)
  • Church of St Bartholomew, 12th century – with several modifications and additions dating from most centuries thereafter (picture)
  • View across the Stour valley from fields to the north-west of Shapwick (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Cottages on Church Street, probably 18th century origin (picture)
  • The old village school (picture)
  • School Cottage, late 18th or early 19th century (picture)
  • Looking north-eastwards out of the village along High Street – which is on the line of the Roman road Ackling Dyke (picture)
  • Looking back down to the village from where High Street eventually joins the B3082, near Badbury Rings (picture)

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directionWimborne, Ackling Dyke (Roman road), Badbury Rings

directionSturminster Marshall, Poole

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