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Situated at the confluence of the rivers Stour and Avon, Christchurch lies in the south-east corner of the county and is dominated by its large medieval church. It still retains a significant number of older houses and buildings, some dating back to Norman times.

The town started as a Saxon settlement at the head of Christchurch Harbour. Never growing particularly large, it inevitably has become engulfed in the ever expanding urban area of neighbouring Bournemouth, whilst – so far – still managing to retain its own identity.

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The pictures shown here were taken on a bright mid-week day in March, the cold but clear air creating a brilliance that only begins to soften approaching sunset as a light mist begins to form across the bay.


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In the top row of pictures:

  • The Priory Church (1095–1530s), its tower gleaming in the sun after recent cleaning of the stone surfaces (picture)
  • The churchyard, with the first of the spring flowers (picture)
  • Some of the smaller and older buildings at the southern end of High Street, close to the Priory (picture)
  • Ruins of the 12th century castle and castle mound situated in the heart of the town (picture)
  • Sculpture by Jonathan Sells depicting 'Flambard' the Bishop of Durham, responsible for planning the building of the Priory church in 1094 (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • High Street and the Town Hall (picture)
  • Bridge Street (picture)
  • One of many new and attractive developments on the islands formed by the confluence of the Rivers Stour and Avon (picture)
  • The River Stour, now filled with pleasure boats, these would once have been fishing boats supporting what was a large industry here (picture)
  • The Priory church shortly before sunset, seen across reed beds from out in the harbour (picture)

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