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The largest resort in Dorset, Bournemouth is actually less than 200 years old – having 'started' as a single guest house located in an isolated spot amongst heathland dunes in 1811. The resort initially grew slowly until when – in the 1870's – it was connected to the rail network. Prior to that point in time, the nearest railway station for any visitors wishing to travel to Bournemouth from London was Wimborne Minster!

By 2001 the population of Bournemouth had grown to approx. 163,000 (source: National Statistics Office) and the town is now one of the premier holiday resorts on the south coast of England, at its busiest – and liveliest – during the summer months.

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In the top row of pictures:

  • Town Hall and war memorial (picture)
  • Art Deco style department store frontage - The Square (picture)
  • Early morning on the beach (picture)
  • At either end of the day the beach becomes a quite place, a place to reflect (picture)
  • Mid-summer on the beach (picture)

In the middle row of pictures:

  • Late 20th century architecture - Richmond Hill (picture)
  • Central Gardens (picture)
  • Lower Gardens (picture)
  • Just some of the many hundred guest houses and hotels (picture)
  • The Russell-Cotes museum (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • Orchard Walk (picture)
  • Camera Obscura - The Square (picture)
  • PS Waverley docked at the pier (picture)
  • Bournemouth International Centre (picture)
  • The Pier – seen on a winter's afternoon (picture)

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directionCanford Heath (how Bournemouth might have looked pre 1800), Wimborne Minster

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